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Packaging industry development bottleneck

Date: 2021-3-16Read: 258 times

Under the influence of the financial crisis, the world economy into a recession, there is still unable to get rid of. Financial crisis for China's packaging industry also caused a certain impact, wuhan up packaging co., LTD., as a sunrise industry, the output value of the high speed growth, reveal the packaging industry great prospects for development. China's packaging industry has experienced rapid development stage, today has established a considerable scale of production, packaging has become the world's second superpower, China's packaging market scale has the highest in the world, and become an important part in the field of manufacturing in China. With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standard, the demand of commodity packaging is increasing, the requirement of commodity packaging more and more, use value of the request for packing is also improved.

30 years of reform and opening-up, China's packaging industry developing rapidly, from the 1980 national packaging 7.2 billion gross industrial output value 7.2 billion yuan to 2008 yuan, China is from large to strong packing. Due to the drive of market economy and promote technological progress, the packing industry in the industrial structure and product structure changed a lot, on behalf of the modern packaging development direction of new type of paper, plastic and other packaging materials and products with rapid growth, the proportion of packaging products have different degrees of increase.

China has already formed the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta and the bohai sea three packing belt. The rapid development of the three packing belt and driving the development of the surrounding areas of industry, including henan, shanxi, anhui, jiangxi, hubei, hunan, the six provinces in central China packaging industry and the rapid rise in the economic tide.

Packaging industry is the manufacturing scale effect is prominent, in the face of fierce market competition environment, enterprise must strengthen the business communication and cooperation with multilateral dialogue, realize the complementary advantages, to industry platform as an opportunity to achieve industrial chain extension, product line expansion, geographic expansion, existing customers permeability increase, etc.

With the intensifying of market competition related to industry insiders, packaging industry in the future market will present the talent competition, customers, credit, advertising and other 10 trend, the competition will make the market more active, also make people's economic and cultural life more colorful. Forecast according to the packaging machinery industry in the 11th five-year planning, by 2010, the total sales of 130 billion yuan domestic packaging machinery industry, the market demand of up to 200 billion yuan. By 2010, our country will import more than $70 billion in food and packaging machinery. Predicts that by 2010, the domestic food and packaging machinery output will reach 130 billion yuan, and the market demand may reach 200 billion yuan. China's packaging market is the highest in the world, to its annual sales in 2012 is expected to 75 billion euros (802.9 billion yuan). Packaging food market in China will the total output of 119.6 million tons.

In the next few years China's packaging industry will maintain the stability of at least 10% annual growth, part of the application in the field of annual growth to exceed 20%. Expectations of paper products packaging, flexible plastic, folding boxes and corrugated carton requirements will be the highest in the world.

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