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In 2012 the world packaging machinery market demand growth will reach 5.2%

Date: 2021-3-16Read: 298 times

Packing is a key step the goods into the often, goods must also leave the all kinds of packaging machinery, with the continuous development of society, people are increasingly demanding for the outer packing of goods, also promoted the development of packaging machinery industry, so packaging machinery in the packaging industry has a very important position and role. It to the industry to provide the necessary technical support, to complete the product packaging process. Although the production of packaging machinery is better than a share in the packaging industry packaging material is big, do not belong to the regular consumables, but for the packaging industry modernization is an indispensable support. It provides advanced technology and equipment for the packaging industry, ensure a high quality packaging products, high efficiency, many varieties, low cost and high environmental protection, thus obtain the strong vitality, bring huge economic benefits and social benefits. Without modern packaging machinery, there is no modern packaging industry. Suppliers according to the international mold and metal plastic industry association secretary general luo hui prediction, the world's packaging machinery market demand will be 5.2% annual growth, is expected to reach $39.8 billion by 2012.

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