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Jingdong Machine
Shantou Jingdong Machinery Co., Ltd. mainly integrates the research and development, production and sales of processing equipment such as film coating machines,
flexographicprinting machines, color printing/multilayer paper/three-in-one middle-sealing bag making units, and is currently moving towards digital equipment.
Development, all products will be equipped in 2021 There are IoT modules to interconnect equipment and services; the new products have won recognition from peers
and customers.Jingdong has more than 20 engineers with more than 20 years of experience in the industry, from mechanical design, system control design, selection
of processing components, to after assembly System andWe have rich experience in matching various hosts. Jingdong Machinery takes high stability and high reliability
as the standard, and strictly produces according to the process; according to theprocess to serve customers, the best satisfaction is the only goal of Jingdong Machinery.
New products have won the recognition of peers and customers. Jingdong has more than
20 years of experience engineers, from system design and development, the selection of machined parts,
to the matching of the system with various different hosts after assembly,
have a wealth of experience, to provide cost-effective products for the majority of users.

Jingdong takes high stability and high reliability as the standard, and strictly tests the products to ensure that users can use the machine without worry. "Energy saving, stability and precision" are the basic requirements of Jingdong people for the products. "Honoring contract, keeping promise, high quality, strict requirements, providing customers with first-class products" is the company's consistent commitment, and also the company's consistent pursuit.

We actively participate in various industry activities, promote communication with peers, and grasp the industry development trend closely in order to provide customers with better products and better services, and open up a broader space for our own development. After years of continuous development and innovation, the company's products sell well in many places.

With the arrival of global economic integration, the company continues to open up, innovation, and look forward to working with colleagues at home and abroad together to create a better tomorrow.